In the middle of a dark night Maria runs through an even darker forest.

Being chased by a shadow, she is running for her life. She can hardly see where she is going or what's in front of her - and the haunter is coming closer and closer. When the mysterious shadow finally reaches her, Maria realizes it is Radu, her fiancé. He seems to be driven by delusion, he wants to kill her. Somehow Maria manages to calm him down and they both start to reconsider the events that made them come out here.

As the moon makes its way through the clouds, the young couples' fate seems to be sealed...



In 2012 the Filmboard Karlsruhe launched a competition for writers. It was looking for short stories and poems dealing with horror, mystery and drama. A selection of the best literature was read by actors at a Halloween reading at "Die Stadtmitte" on 31st october.

One of the submissions was "Hunt and Prey" by a young writer named Alicia Sérieux. Her short story impressed the jury as well as the audience. Shortly afterwards, Alicia's story was transformed into a script and in summer 2013 the short film was shot on location in Karlsruhe and Jockgrim.