Maria (Marie Nasemann).

Maria is the youngest of two daughters. She lives in a small village together with her father Rasvan and her sister Ana. Though her father is not happy about her plans, Maria wants to get married to Radu and spend the rest of her life with him. 

Radu (Gregory B. Waldis).

Radu is considered to be the villages' misfit. He lives alone outside the village in a small hut. Villagers don't want to get in any contact with him as he has a bad reputation. However, Maria, daughter of one of the most respected families in the village, falls in love with him. It doesn't take long until Radu realizes, he can't escape his destiny.

Rasvan (Erik Rastetter).

Rasvan is the father of Maria and Ana. He had to bring the two girls up all by himself as his wife died shortly after Maria was born. He couldn't be more proud of his girls. But when Maria tells him, she wants to get married to Radu, he is devastated. Radu is definitely not the type of man he wants his youngest daughter to get married to.

Ana (Nadine Knobloch).

Ana is Marias older sister. She always knows how to calm down Rasvan and Maria when they start arguing again. Ana knows about Radu's reputation but she also knows how much Maria is in love with him. However, their world turns upside down when Ana walks in Marias' bedroom one morning...